Hello world!

This is definitely a new and exciting adventure for me to have my own blog site for the first time. I know it’s so important for a writer to have a platform in which to connect to those interested in and passionate about his works. And it’s a way to voice his opinions and life principles for others to judge him by.

Presently, I have a diary in which I write in not every day but perhaps once a week. It’s the time when I can put into words what I’m truly feeling about life’s happenings. There are many things that I write in my diary that I would never show to the public eye not because of fear but because of that special desire to keep something just for me. Yet at the same time I’m no recluse. I opened this blog not only for a platform but also for others to get to know bits and pieces of me. What I may not usually say to others in person will probably be written down here. It’s my quietly reaching out and asking you, dear reader, to get to know me. We all walk around in this world, wanting to be known and loved. And I want to do the same for you. Let me know something about you. Let your voice shine.

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