Stretch Marks Are A Blessing and Beauty Not A Curse

I was thinking earlier today of what a joy it was to be parenting my eleven month year old baby girl. And I looked down to my tummy where she used to be sheltered before she was born. But before she was welcomed into the world by loved ones, she left me a gift, stretch marks. Even though she was my first child, she gave me many marks.

Before I ever was pregnant, I had heard many women lament over the fact that they were burdened with the look of their stretch marks, how they had ruined their skin, made it ugly. Women say being pregnant is for the most part a good thing, except for the stretch marks. Today we are bombarded with the myth that women are only beautiful if they have the perfect skin, the perfect hair. But let me ask, what is perfect? For a mother, perfection is having a tummy riddled with stretch marks. It is a map of the path that we have taken on our journey through pregnancy. It is a souvenir that will never fade.

When you look back and try to remember what it was like holding such precious cargo, you don’t have to look far down to catch a glimpse into the past of motherhood.

2 thoughts on “Stretch Marks Are A Blessing and Beauty Not A Curse

  1. Stephanie says:

    Hi Leah, this is Stephanie, Chrissy’s sister. I found your blog through your page on facebook that came up on my feed (Reuben “liked” it so it came up I guess!)

    Anyway, I came across this post and I just wanted to tell you that I totally identify with you! What a beautiful perspective on something that the world tells us to mourn!

    1. leahlindeman says:

      Hi Steph! What a surprise! It’s true; the world pressures us to look like something other than ourselves, other than what is natural. And instead of wishing and pining for something else, someone else, we should embrace the way we are, the way God made us. Part of that is getting stretch marks after pregnancy!

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