User Guides for Mac Users

Many of those who buy a new item rarely look at the manual or information booklet attached with it. Those that find themselves in this category can be categorized further. Either they are the adventurous type who dare to try to figure out their new purchase, or they are the cautious ones who will not daly with it themselves but recruit the help of friends or family with more expertise.

When I switched from Windows to Mac, I was extremely excited to own a sleek sophisticated piece of equipment. But I found out that even though Mac aids newcomers well by operating efficiently, the user guide which can be found within the computer’s finder is a great help. I categorize myself in between the cautious and adventurers. For three years, I found my way through my computer’s system trying to always learn something new about it. But recently I fell into a rut. I had done all the adventuring I was going to do. Then I found the user guide. Would I had found it before, I could have more fully used my computer than I ever had. New Mac users, I suggest you check it out. I also found another guide on the web that will enable you to switch more easily from Windows to Mac. Here it is:

Until my next installation upgrade comes by mail, I will be sure to use all the wonderful features that Mac has provided (by looking at the handy- dandy user guide). Thank you Apple!

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