A Different Attitude: The Lens Which Can Change Everything

Having had one child for eighteen months— let’s just say I didn’t know my heart would be capable of giving another living human being as much love as wells inside of me. Once I became pregnant again, a revised version of the question breached my mind once more. Would I have enough love to give to two little lives that were entrusted into my care? I didn’t think it possible until my second child was born into the world.

But a week later, after some tears, little sleep, and a frustrating day, I felt my love spreading too thin. I didn’t feel as if I could cope with the added demand and responsibility.  I turned to my husband and mentioned my doubts. I asked him whether he thought I was even capable of embarking on this new journey. But he didn’t have to answer because I already knew. It is impossible for many to think of and show love to all the individuals one loves all at the same time. That’s why I need to remind myself everyday “one moment at a time.” What I can do is fully love the person that needs my love at that moment.

Love doesn’t have to be spread thin. Love can be fully given one moment at a time.

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