Looking Back

We all learn something new once and a while. For some of us, it’s every day. Most of the time we learn a random interesting fact; but sometimes the simple things lead us to greater truths.

I just returned from a walk I went on with my daughter and a friend. Grey splotches paint the sky, but the weather is mild and crisp, even pleasant for this Canadian winter. At the end of our walk, we passed a stranger with whom we engaged in small talk. We quickly said goodbye and went on our way. I soon realized that my daughter was rooted in place, looking back at the stranger who’s back was toward us. I asked myself if I did the same as she did, looking back at someone I just quickly met, why would I do it?

We never know who we are going to meet, going to see every day. The opportunities we are given— we should take great advantage of. That stranger may turn into a future friend, partner, caregiver, etc. There is great joy in getting to know a new person. Isn’t that what we all want? To be known, to be loved? If that’s what we want for ourselves, then why can’t we change, maybe get out of our comfort zone, and do the same for others? Seize the moment, do what’s right.

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