New Arrival


I’ve decided to take part in Robert Lee Brewer’s April PAD Challenge. Mr. Brewer gives a prompt each day; and then the poet writes.

For more information:

New Arrival

Stuck in a rut, the ledge so far away—
No matter the stretch in my arm, the pain
Is worth the risk to shed my peeling skin
And leave it in this pit I’ve been in.

It doesn’t matter; I cannot reach.
Then a hand the long distance does breach.
Shall I now risk familiarity for peculiarity?
This moment now recorded for posterity.

The hand beckons; it shan’t last long.
I grasp; it hoists until my nose grazes dirt.
My peeling skin was snagged by a branch;
Bloodied, crimson, no matter— I dance.

New arrival, I’ll ne’er forget you.
How I changed into saint from barren fool.
And now I dance, hands lifted to the sky;
Then peer into the pit; say one last goodbye.

If you decide to take part in the April PAD Challenge, I would love to read your poems in the comments section.

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