My Surety

This is the poem I wrote for Day 3 of the April PAD Challenge led by Robert Lee Brewer.

The Lie


Ripples in calm waters frolic

To plead their grim case against

Surety so that hearts chaotic

Echo their misery. By chance

They cry for some constance by TIme.

Alas, Time so enjoys the lie.


The lie that all good things die,

That all future plans perish.

The lie that with passing of Time

All loves don’t last, not cherished.

Some dig a grave for themselves

Forever lost in grief they’ve delved.


Even Time will someday pass away

To be overthrown. Eternal

God is my good surety. At bay

Will I drive away infernal

Fears which threaten to destroy what good

There is, which so remains, which should.

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