Hold That Poison

Here’s my poem for April PAD Challenge Day 4.

Hold That Poison

You vowed at our wedding altar
To forever love me til death do us part.
But none mentioned poison’s fire
That lingering bite which stays, flees to the heart.
I have hurt you, aching, asking
That sincerely you hold that venomous dart
Hold that poison over pleading
Hands. Quivering, not worthy—please, stay apart.
Your revenge you would not take; but
Pity worsens the prick; my pride juts.
You with words of tender setting—
With diligent care you set down that poison.
I could not understand, betting
You quietly stood aside with arms open
Wide to wait til breaking was done.
No deceiving took place. My face was ashen.
Hold that poison away; please shun
Its repellent touch. I want your soft love.
Now I see you love me so— for
No matter the sin in the end.

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