Change of Plans

Dear readers,

I have been using this blog as a place to post all sorts of different ideas whether they be related to motherhood, my writing, or just personal essays. I have decided to change the way I do things.

I now have a separate blog concerning motherhood and children. The link to this one is : It is linked to the online magazine Homeschool Horizons. I share the column with my sister-in-law Grace Pringle. She and I take turns each month writing a blog post . Go ahead and check it out. My blog post will be up by the end of this month.

As for a more personal blog, that will come at a later date. Two blogs will be enough for me to upkeep for the next little while.

This blog will be focusing on my writing career and building my professional author platform. I will continue to insert new poetry. I will also start uploading segments of my finished novel. And since my novels are historical fiction, I will also write posts focusing on the history and time period in which my novel is and future novels will be set. I am excited to start something different.

Look for an upcoming post later on this week!

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