Book Review on Solaris Seethes

Solaris Seethes by Janet McNulty is the first science fiction novel in its series that tells the story of Rynah, an alien whose home planet has been destroyed by the man she loved, and her mission of retribution. The author has done a wonderful job with description and has paced the plot very well; however, she could have fleshed her characters of origin more fully.

Rynah’s home planet has been destroyed by Klanor, the male whom she thought loved her; now she is bent on revenge. In her escape from destruction, she boards the ship Solaris; and soon discovers it is artificially intelligent. Solaris enlightens Rynah of an ancient myth concerning six crystals which can be accumulated to destroy or to create entire solar systems. With the help of four different humans from four different time periods, she races to find each crystal before her traitorous fiancée is able to gain ultimate control.

The reader is drawn in by the author’s great usage of description in battle sequences and in the general text. Different planets are given different intriguing characteristics and have their own colourful wildlife and peoples.The dialogue between characters greatly adds to their descriptive qualities.

The plot was always engaging. Never was there too much of a dull moment in the story. When an action sequence had finished, the author did a good job in fleshing out the humans which Rynah enlists to help her. The relationships between these characters was well constructed and solidified.

Rynah and Klanor were the least developed characters of the story. Not much of their history is known and their motives scantily sketched. The psychology of the relationship between the two should have been more prevalent to add depth to their characterization.

The whole in general is entertaining and enjoyable. Yet it lacks depth and determined focus to be an amazing read. I enjoyed it enough to want to read the rest of the series. It is for anyone who enjoys a light read of science fiction.

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