Book Review on “Solaris Seeks”

Solaris Seeks written by Janet McNulty is a thoroughly engaging sequel to the first in the series. Once again the action and pacing were compelling binding the reader to his seat, the characters Rynah and Klanor (I am so thankful) had a lot more depth, and unfortunately, the reader is retold basic facts about characters more than enough to drown out the opportunities to show instead of tell.

Rynah and her four Earthlings now set their sights on recovering Brie from Klanor’s malicious grasp. They come across many obstacles along the way, their friendship bonding ever deeper. Once they recover Brie and the last crystal, Klanor is deposed from his throne, and the friends face a greater foe, Stein, a man with no remorse bent on vengeance.

The second book upheld its momentum from the first book, a feat that many aren’t able to accomplish. Never once does the reader feel the need to jump over a section. Although some of the action scenes seem a little familiar, they thrust the reader deeper into the story.

Rynah and Klanor, characters not well fleshed out in the first book, reappear with a deeper meaning. Their emotions are more tangible, their actions more understandable. They have been renewed to a point where the reader can actually care about them now.

Last but not least, there were many times where same events from characters’ pasts came up too much. Repetition of emotions, actions, and basic storyline appeared a little too often.

Any reader with a love for science fiction and magical elements will greatly enjoy this read.

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