Is the Author’s Life Really A Lonely One?

I’ve moved on from finding quotations for the beginning of each chapter of my novel to those few pages in the front and back within a book that I’ve never really thought about until now. The title page, the dedication page, the page with all the legal terms and documentation, and the acknowledgments page —all very important. I finished writing the first draft of my acknowledgments and realized how many people have been a source of encouragement, inspiration, and gratefulness. For those of you listed on said page, I can hardly wait for you to read it hoping it will encourage you.

Many people say being a writer is lonely, that no one gets you. I have to disagree. I might write my pieces alone, but so much of what I write comes from the experiences I’ve lived through, the people I’ve met, the ideas that burn within me into one large amalgamation of fantastic inspiration.

If that support system is something you don’t have, I urge you to go find it now. Become part of a writer’s group, find and keep people who will support you through the failures and successes. Writers love getting to know one another and learn from one another. Connect with me! What you have to say is important! Don’t let it go to waste. Great places to look for writer’s groups are LinkedIn and Goodreads. I’m a part of several groups on each. And blogs! There’s also Facebook, although watch out because some of them are not free. Don’t be afraid to peel back your layers to showcase a growing bud of magic.

For those of you who have a working support system, please share what works for you, what brings you the most motivation, inspiration. What groups do you enjoy being a part of?

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