Saying YES: It Will Change Your Life

That fateful day when I commenced writing the first chapter of my book…I couldn’t have imagined that it led me to where I am now. My first novel is slated to be released the first week of February. The cover has already been designed. The book trailer is set to be shot the end of this month. I didn’t know a thing about all these aspects five and a half years ago. All I knew was that this was what I wanted to do, and I was determined to do whatever necessary to reach the end. But this is only the beginning.

Now I’m not talking about saying yes to every little thing that comes your way. Or just saying yes and not putting in any or little effort. It’s not only saying “yes”; it’s doing what goes along with the “yes.” How many times have you let an opportunity pass by because you were more comfortable saying “no?” Because you were too afraid that you couldn’t learn what was required or you couldn’t possibly see yourself in the position you dreamed of?

I’m telling you now, you need to swallow the “no” and let the word “yes” fall from your trembling lips when you see your next God-given opportunity. Seize it and work! A whole new world will unfold in front of you with possibilities endless. Don’t let fear tie you down.

There are so many resources for newcomers to any field. Here are the four steps you can take to ensure you succeed in any new undertaking.

  1. Ground yourself with a fabulous support system.

Tell those friends and family members who you know will support you no matter what about the new direction you’ll be taking. They might know anything about the new undertaking, but their encouraging words can go a long way when it’s a rainy day.

Make connections in person and online. Go to conferences or any event that has to do with what you want to succeed in. They’ll be more than happy to help you out in a way that they can, give you advice, and spread the word. As long as you’re thankful and don’t take them for granted, their loyalty will be strong

2.   Research the Internet or books (if you’re the old-fashioned kind)

I found so many online sources to get started on my author journey. Writer’s Digest is a great jump off platform. Here’s a few other great ones: Writer UnboxedBook Designer (great for publishing know-how), Publicity Hound (I’ve subscribed to the newsletter; it’s invaluable).

Books, don’t forget about those. They are the most reliable sources to research. Then again to forget to cross-check them against each other.

    3.   Be determined to work

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people that I know well who’ve said “I want to change” but hardly make any efforts to actually do so. The path of “yes,” the path of change isn’t an easy one. From personal experience I can tell you it’s the most rewarding one. Yes, it can be uncomfortable. Yet, if you never step out of comfort zone, chances are you’ll lead a less than exciting life. Determination will drive you great distances even when you don’t feel like it.

     4.   Set yourself some realistic goals

If you never set up any goals, your determination cannot see the trophy it yearns to work toward. For example,  I knew that I wanted to having my book published by the first week of February right before I treat myself to some vacation time. This I knew back in September. From the end goal I worked backwards and set up smaller goals within the large one to make sure all loose ends would be tied up in a pretty bow. I put together the cover shoot which happened the end of October. I gave myself a month to do the last edit and final formatting. This month is the book trailer and formatting my novel for CreateSpace. I’ve given myself ample time to not feel rushed and to not be overwhelmed with these details and all the other responsibilities I hold to in my life.

Tell me, what opportunities have you said “no” to and regret? What lessons did you learn? And which ones have you said “yes” to? What’s your success story? We’re all in the same boat. We’ve all said “no” and “yes.” What will you do in your tomorrow?

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