Announcements and Contest


The release date for my first novel is next Tuesday March 8.

Here’s the synopsis:

Redeemed From the Ashes is the story of a misguided young woman named Evelyn Richardson whose maimed husband Carl goes missing as a result of the Halifax Explosion of 1917. Bedridden because of an injury, she is unable to immediately search him out. The chances of finding him grow thin as the days pass into cruel winter and the chaos of a shattered city remains.

After several weeks of searching, Evelyn is encouraged by her disheartening mother to leave Carl for dead and to move on with her life. At first she refuses such a notion; but when Gerald MacCrae, a doctor at Camp Hill Hospital, enters her heart in friendship, her resolve weakens and finally disintegrates. Gerald harbours a secret from the past and within the present that threatens to rip apart any chance at happiness for Evelyn again. Can she redeem any shred of familiarity from her past or will she forge ahead on the wings of a new life, a new love?

Check out Redeemed From The Ashes Book Trailer


Tell me who’s you’re favourite book character and why. The answer I find the most interesting, creative, or just strikes a chord in me will win a free signed copy of my first novel. The winner will be announced next Tuesday. You’ve got a week! Sound off in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Announcements and Contest

  1. Naomi says:

    My favourite character would probably be Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice because of her “willful, headstrong” ways. Who can’t love her? There’s a reason Pride and Prejudice is a best seller.

    2nd place goes to Kale Allerion from the Donita Paul’s DragonKeeper series. 🙂

    1. leahlindeman says:

      I love Elizabeth Bennet, as well. Any heroine who’s got as much sass and spunk as she does gets a two-thumbs up in my book. I’ve never heard of the DragonKeeper series. I’ll check it out! Kale Allerion…does he have similar qualities?

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