Local students produce St. Lawrence River anthology

Before I launch into this post, I’m going to be honest and say that I could do so much better in bringing compelling content to you in a timely fashion. I’ve set my blogging days as Tuesdays and Thursdays. So…I’m sorry this blog didn’t come out yesterday. This is me making up for it.

Local students attending the St. Lawrence College have produced an anthology of poems and stories set near or determined by the St. Lawrence River. And why not? The St. Lawrence River is a key player in our nation’s history. Although it has been thoroughly mapped out throughout the years, it doesn’t mean that its significance has been lost. Rather, as seen in these stories and poems, the river is a character to the people who share its borders.

I had the immense pleasure of contributing a poem to this anthology. It was such a diverting side project! In my poem “Dear St. Lawrence”, the river is a taker of life. Buy the anthology here on Amazon for a low price.

So…did anybody go to an indie bookstore last Saturday? Check out my previous post Canadian Authors for Indies Day on the subject. If you did, I want to hear how it went! Share your stories!

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