No Questions Asked: The Six Essentials of a Pitch

Over the last few months, I’ve learned to craft the pitch. It is what is most effective in connecting with reporters or media people and landing interviews. Every time I’ve pitched a journalist, I’ve met them and they’ve interviewed me landing me in the newspapers. As you can see, the elements of my pitches are working.

I want to share with you what I’ve learned are necessities in crafting your pitch.

  1. You must personalize your pitch. This is the most important point I have to make. What does that mean? Don’t send a generic pitch to every journalist you can think of. You need to do your research. I know you’re thinking “Uh, more work?” Yup, and it pays off big time. Need a little encouragement? Read my last post Do You Know How Valuable Determination Is? Journalists receive a vast amount of emails. The last thing you want is yours to look like everybody else’s. Stand out. How do you that? Read some of the other articles this particular journalist has written. In your pitch, refer to one you particularly liked or learned from.
  2. Include your title and the type of book it is. Pretty simple.
  3. Write a brief synopsis. Notice I used the word brief, two to three sentences max.
  4. Include a small bio. Same thing here, two to three sentences—include an interesting tidbit about yourself (but not something completely out there).
  5. Display your contact information. You definitely don’t want to forget this step! Journalists are incredibly busy people. Help them out, and make it easy for them to reach you. Don’t only include your email address but also a phone number.
  6. Declare your availability. Include the link to your website/blog. Offer to answer any question they may have or provide them with any materials they need. Remember, anything to make their job easier.

Your pitch needs to be short and sweet, to the point. I hope this is helpful for you struggling authors trying to get some press attention. Have fun with this!

If you think I’ve missed a really important step or have a small tip to add to this, please make your voice heard in the comments.

Below is one of my pitches (a sample for you).

Hi (name of reporter),

I really enjoyed reading your article on (whatever article you really DID enjoy reading: remember to be sincere).

Being a local Canadian author, I’d like to introduce to you my newly published historical fiction novel Redeemed From the Ashes. My novel tells the story of Evelyn, a young woman who loses her husband to the Halifax Explosion and searches for him. As time passes and his existence is doubted, she falls for another man who might be the hope of her future or the destruction of her present.

I’ve been working toward publication for five years while raising three young children. I graduated with honours from the Institute for Children’s Literature. Being a history buff, I decided to combine my two loves of literature and history to write historical fiction.

If you would like to review my book or conduct an interview, you can contact me at 613-361-2154 and

To learn more about me and my journey as an author, the link to my blog is (add link here). Let me know if you would like a copy of my book, have any questions, or need additional information.

Leah Lindeman

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