My Stint on Radio

I love Joan Stewart’s site Publicity Hound! Lots of great things have come my way because I’ve subscribed to her newsletter. I’ve learned so much from the webinars marketed on her newsletter and the hundreds of helpful tips she always includes. I heard of RadioGuestList through her newsletter. Through email, this site updates you on different radio shows looking for specific guests. I looked through their weekly emails for about a year and half before I found a radio show for which I truly believed I would be a perfect fit.

There’s always that small doubt in my mind whispering that I’ll be rejected. It wasn’t silent when I emailed them asking to be on their show. I received a reply saying I needed to fill out a form on their site. No rejection, but not a gain either…only a misstep. I did fill out the form; then to my delight was accepted for an interview.

Then I did it, the interview. It was very intimidating because it’s so different from newspaper. I learned that I had to capture the audience within the first ten seconds with the tone of my voice and words. Even though there wasn’t supposed to be a huge pressure to be perfect because it was going to be recorded, then edited, then broadcast, I’m the type of person to put just enough pressure to be the best that I can be in every circumstance. I was stopped twice only after being asked the first question. I could have started pitying myself, thinking of myself as a failure. Instead, I pushed through not letting myself get down. I aced it on the thirsd try ; and the whole interview was smooth from then on. Now I’m looking forward to doing more radio!

My interview is available to listen to at the Authors Show until midnight tonight.

Also check out my new author website here. I’ll be keeping my blog for my weekly content. This site is to highlight my books, poetry, and events. Check it out and let me know what you think!

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