Limitless Adventures—Just Let Go

How many times do we tell ourselves, “Maybe next time…not tonight,” and so on? How much more often do we focus on the challenges of the journey ahead of us instead of the possibilities that await us?

We get bogged down by all the little things that could go wrong. We’ve got our checklist in hand and go around the house (sometimes like a chicken with its head cut off) to make sure we’ve checked off everything (because, of course, that’s going to ensure that nothing goes wrong from there on out). Then things go wrong anyways because that’s just life. Instead of experiencing the adventure for everything that it is, we brood, mope, stress, and that list can go on, and on, and on.

I want to encourage you to shake loose the shackles of “what if?” If you keep on this slope, you’ll miss out on every miracle moment we breathe. The possibilities will pass us by, and we’ll wonder what happened to our lives. Instead of seeing a clear role of film, it will be a mirage, not clearly defined and unmemorable.

I’m not expecting you to perfectly live this out. I’m preaching to the choir, myself. Last weekend, I fully lived this out. My brother-in-law needed a ride into NY state because he’s studying school there. No one was able or willing to bring him down except me. Those two days were so refreshing! We bonded over our drive, I got to stay in the gorgeous, unforgettable, Victorian-esque Rosemont Inn in Utica, and I was privileged and blessed to become better acquainted with the family who runs the inn. On my way back, I got lost (okay not really, just took a different route, which I was DEFINITELY NOT accustomed to) and soaked in every moment of independence. Today was just the opposite. I was everything I’m encouraging you not to be, stressed out, brooding, mopey. So writing this is a great reminder to myself.

Now I’m also not telling you to be irresponsible in your quest to experience life to the fullest. Save up the money you need to go on vacation, and don’t blow it. Make sure your loved ones don’t think you’ve run away or disappeared for good. Arrogance accompanying your need to experience life brings more hurt than good to you and those around you.

We’ve only got one life to live. Just let go; you’re your worst enemy. Be responsible. Go out with your friends to dinner and a movie instead of shacking up at home. Go on random road trips to savour the world around you. Live, don’t let life pass you by.


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