In Between Homes

I’m trying out a new system of blogging. It’s called Steemit. It was recommended by a friend. It’s got a system of cryptocurrency, curators, and a whole bunch of terms I’m still learning. One day I’ll write a post about it just for you, my WordPress followers.

Anyway, I’ve decided to use that as my main blogging station and set up my WordPress as more of an official author site. Still not too sure about the details; so please bear with me.

Don’t worry about not being in the loop because I’ll always put the first few paragraphs of the new post on Steemit here with a link to the original post.

I was going to double post, but then I found out I can’t (even if it is my original content). Google doesn’t like doubles.

I’m hoping this will be a smooth transition for everybody!

New Post

This past Tuesday I wrote a post on the pros and cons of traditional publishing. I also listed the pros and cons of indie or self-publishing. Here we’ll break down when is the best time or circumstance to use either and how you can leverage both systems. Check out to see the first part in this two part series.

When To Be Traditionally Published 

1. If you just want to write, this is for you. You don’t want to deal with the brunt work of marketing or have to pitch TV, radio, and/or newspapers so that the whole world knows you’ve written a book. You’d rather stay in you hobbit hole and write to your heart’s content.

Read the full post here on Steemit.

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