Shakespeare’s Authorship in Doubt?

A few hours ago I couldn’t have imagined this debate could ever exist. But it does. Below is an excerpt and the link to the full post I wrote on Steemit.

I can’t believe I was unaware that 2016 was the 400th anniversary of the great bard himself until a few days ago. I am an avid fan of his work. The depths of human nature he explores, the vast knowledge he employs in his writing, the timeless stories he drew from genius—how could he not be celebrated? I aspire to be half the writer he ever was.

The Conspiracy Theory of Literary Minds

What I didn’t know was that there are many who doubt that the William Shakespeare of Stratford ever wrote what we know to be Shakespeare’s works. They call themselves Anti-Stratfordians. I read a few articles to discover what evidence they have in even doubting his authorship. Even more surprising was that Mark Twain, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and other highly influential literary greats of the 18th century nurtured this movement of doubt when the whole world at the time began praising the awesome genius of the man.

Read the full article here.

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