Writing Letters in Cursive Can Make You Smarter

Monday evening I found out I’m pregnant with my 5th child. One of my traditions I’ve instilled with every pregnancy is writing a few letters to each unborn child. The letters contain what emotions I feel as I wait for my baby to be born, how excited I am to meet him or her, and little pieces of myself that one day they’ll only know through the letter I wrote them.

With this little one on the way, I’m looking forward to engaging in this dying art form because it’s one of the rare times I write a handwritten cursive letter. The only other time I write a cursive letter is when I write a love letter to my husband. I do write all my Christmas cards, birthday cards, any kind of cards by hand. All these instances are my way of holding onto something that I believe is extremely important to society and communication.

Read why here.

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