Therapeutic Writing and the Power to Change

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, and I’m just discovering how much I’ve missed it. Now that my first trimester of sleeping during my writing time has passed into my second trimester of renewed energy and the holiday activities are almost over, today I launch this blog into the new year. Without further ado, this first post is from a guest contributor named Patrick Bailey.

I’m going to use the subject of this post in helping me come up with some New Year’s resolutions. Maybe you can, as well.

The Power Of Therapeutic Writing 

Stress, anxiety, frustration, irritation, anger, happiness, gratitude, excitement, and more are all feelings people want and need to express. For some people, healthy emotional expression doesn’t come easy. They may have grown up learning to hide their emotions from themselves and others. Unfortunately, there is a connection between people who hide their emotions and those who end up with an addiction.

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