The sprawling Canadian Reminiscence Series started with the tragic Halifax Explosion on Canada’s east coast and moved on to the breathtaking ride of danger, that is, the Cariboo gold rush on its west coast. Now there are eleven more stories that remain untold which will be uncovered in the years to come. Stay tuned by signing up for Leah’s monthly newsletter here to witness the thrilling unveiling of Canada’s history in a way that will leave you thirsting for more.

Leah Lindeman ‘s dream was to become a surgeon until the calling of words grew within her. She enrolled in and graduated with honours from the Institute for Children’s Literature. She’s the author of Redeemed From the Ashes, Ghost of My HeartWisps of Gold, and Scathed Bones. She is also a contributing author to the best-seller My Journey My Journal. She and her husband live in the idyllic countryside of Eastern Ontario where they raise their four children.

From Leah Lindeman

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Be sure to tune into Leah’s interview on Paper Cuts Live Friday, Aug. 13!

2 thoughts on “About Leah

  1. leahlindeman says:

    Hi Don,

    I thought it was about time I filled in my about. I hope the suspense was worth the wait. I think there’s still a little mystery left to satisfy the overly curious.

    A good day to you,

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