As a mother to six rambunctious yet beautiful treasures, being healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually is a high priority of mine. I also want to be my best for my audience and my clients, to be of the greatest service I can.

So here I share the resources I use to help me be healthy all round and that I highly recommend for your use in being optimally healthy.

Growth Day (Mental Health)

Brendon Burchard, the world’s leading high performance coach, has put together a platform where he gives you a daily fire every day—it’s goodness in your ears every morning! Everything from forgiveness, grace, motivation, confidence, he covers it all.

  • Journal with prompts you can fill out morning and night to help give you clarity for your day.
  • Rate every area of your life daily and monthly on a scale between 1-10 to see how you’re doing well and what you can improve in.
  • Plan out your days with the ability to set notifications for the each task you lay out.
  • Join an uplifting community dedicated to helping each other thrive.

With the Pro membership, you can listen to world experts covering the whole spectrum of personal development every Wednesday.

Get your free membership here for 14 days. This is an affiliate link.