Have you ever wanted a writing community where you could learn with others on the same journey as you about every aspect of writing; share your work, trials, and successes; and where you could ensure accountability to keeping to your writing?

Join WriteNow, a monthly coaching group where you can join the first Saturday at 2pm EST to deep dive into your writing and make whatever project you’re working on happen.

Why choose WriteNow?

You BELIEVE in the power of your story! You know your story can make your reader laugh, grieve, fantasize, or learn something incredible.

You WANT to share a part of yourself with your readers so they know they’re not alone, so that you can make new connections.

You KNOW you are destined to write this book that shaping itself in your mind, waiting to spill onto the pages.

All these will be nurtured every month during the Monthly Writing Mastery and encouraged to grow outside coaching time.